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Записки Шального Ангела

Нимб на подзарядке, крылья в стирке.

Social capital

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30 March 1978
I am from Kiev, country Ukraine;
I am from Dnepr, river, and sand.
I am from Strontium, active Chernobyl.
I am from cast that made me immobile.

I am from yard with hoop and a swing.
I am from chestnut, cherry, jasmine.
I am from herring, fried egg, and potato,
Chicken Tobacco, and pickled tomato.

I am from chocolate left under pillow
By my Grandmother who also made Jell-O.
I am from father, strong healthy man,
Coach in diving back in Ukraine.

I am from loving and caring Mom
Who, in addition, has older son.
I am from "Never say NEVER!" in life,
"Always try hard" to achieve, to survive.

I am from pictures and letters in box
That are covered with layers of dust.
I am from pain from all the "Good-Bye"
That caused the wounds on heart of mine.

And all those things from which I came from
Shaped me as person, the one I've become:
Creative and caring, attentive, naive, -
The best I could be I truly believe...

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Social capital

  • less than 10